Virtual conference: food-safe bearings January 30 2019, 8:00am to 5:00pm CET

In a world where proactive food safety has become essential and hygiene takes top priority in
asset design, you will be amazed about how bearing units can pose a major risk to hygiene. 

At this virtual conference, accessible from the comfort of your own office, you can learn about
food-safe bearings: a new solution that can reduce the risk of contamination in your food zones.

How vulnerable are your existing bearings to bacteria?

Watch the video to see how SKF discovered that mounted bearings units near the food zone, even with cleaning regimes, could be a food safety risk.

What's in the virtual conference?

By taking part in our virtual conference, you can learn about unconsidered food safety risks and explore the innovation and business case of our new food-safe bearings with talks from SKF and third-party specialists, wherever you are in the world.

You can watch each talk on the day and ask the speakers questions in real-time to find out more information, but can also access the talks on-demand at a time or date that’s more convenient for you. By participating in the live event, you will also have the chance to get a free sample of the new sealed bearing unit (subject to availability).

The Agenda: who's speaking and what you will learn 

  • Opening keynote speech, by Victoria van Camp, CTO & President, Innovation and Business Development
  • How mounted bearing units can risk food safety, by Eva Otel, food and beverage industry specialist, marketing & sustainability, SKF
  • Listeria and micro-organisms found in bearing units, by Birgitta Bergström, senior project manager at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Microbiology and Hygiene Department
  • Innovation in hygienic design and bearing performance, by Fabio Falaschi, product development manager, Italy innovation office, SKF
  • The unconsidered environmental gains, by Eva Otel, food and beverage industry specialist, marketing & sustainability, SKF
  • Waste management and what happens at the end of bearing life,
    by Taina Flink, recycling design specialist, Stena Recycling
  • Testing bearing performance and hygienic design, by Alessio Nebbia Colomba, product development engineer, SKF
  • Quality in manufacturing, by Vincenzo Sblano, Massa factory manager, SKF
  • Shifting to food-safe bearing units and what it means for the industry, by David Oliver, UK-based food and beverage industry driver

How can I get involved?

Taking part in our conference is simple. First, click on the link to register and you will receive a confirmation email. Then, to join the conference on the day, click on the link within the email and enter your credentials. You will then arrive in our virtual entrance hall with
a variety of options:

SKF Blue Range Launch Lounge
  • Go to the live auditorium to listen to speakers and ask questions
  • Talk to experts to ask technical questions, speak about food safety and sustainability, and discover the value food-safe bearings can deliver for your organisation
  • If you’re a journalist, you can access our PR booth and get expert information
  • Explore a pool of resources like literature and videos, make further enquiries, or request a subtitled presentation in a different language

After the event, you will be able to access all the presentations on-demand, so you can catch up, listen again, or share with others.

Is this conference right for me?

This event is ideal for professionals working in, or involved with, the food and beverage industry. This is especially the case if you have a strong interest in improving asset reliability, hygienic design and sustainability.


Typical attendees will include:

  • Food safety and quality personnel
  • Design engineers
  • Maintenance and reliability engineers
  • Production and process innovation managers


  • Purchasing decision-makers
  • Sustainability decision-makers
  • Press, bloggers and food safety commentators
  • Organisations and bodies related to food safety

If you’d like more information on what you can get out of attending the virtual conference, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.