SKF High temperature bearing technology Graphite Cage

The graphite cage provides a continuous flow of lubricating
graphite to the bearing balls

High temperature bearing technology

What if there was a way to allow the environmental factors common in high-temperature applications to improve – rather than degrade – bearing performance and reliability?

Based on advanced graphite lubrication, the NSF H1 approved high temperature technology features a fully crowned, pure graphite cage, which generates minute quantities of graphite that lubricate the bearing during operation. This allows the bearings to perform optimally in humid and continuous operating temperatures up to 350 °C /662 °F – without relubrication.

By implementing SKF's high temperature graphite technology, you can:

Reduce planned and unplanned
downtime and costs

Potentially increase
temperature and throughput

Reduce food safety risks

Reduce waste of grease and
clean-up disposal

Improve operator safety

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Less downtime, more throughput with SKF high temperature bearing technology

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"From thriving in hot, humid conditions, to running without the need for continued relubrication,
and driving increases in throughput, these bearing represent significant advances
on what's been traditionally possible in high-temperature applications."

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Stephen White, SKF Food & Beverage Industry Portfolio Manager

Benefits our customers achieved

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