Corrosion resistant bearing technologies

What if you could use corrosion resistant stainless steel components - withstanding the harshest processing environments and cleaning regimes? 

MRC Groove ball bearing

MRC* high nitrogen corrosion resistant (HNCR) bearing technology

Enables you to achieve a breakthrough in bearing life with ultimate corrosion resistance.

Extreme corrosion resistance. The combined presence of nitrogen and high chromium in HNCR steel, delivers unprecedented corrosion resistance. Based on a naval corrosion test method, HNCR bearings exhibited zero signs of corrosion after a year-long salt bath immersion.

Hardness and fatigue life. HNCR is a martensitic through-hardened steel, capable of being case (or induction) hardened. Based on the rolling contact fatigue test method, HNCR bearings deliver two to three times the fatigue life of standard stainless steel.

* MRC is a brand of SKF

SKF stainless steel deep groove ball bearing

SKF stainless steel deep groove ball bearing technology

A food safety compliant solution for wet and corrosive environments.

Increased protection against corrosion

  • Stainless steel for inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and cage
  • Stainless steel backing plate for seals used in the VP311 range (see product catalogue)

Industry fit. The corrosion resistant bearing material, the color detectable, FDA approved rubber seal and food grade lubrication (grease or Solid Oil) make these bearings optimal for use in food and beverage environments.

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Benefits our customers achieved

Learn how an ice cream plant was able to produce more ice cream with reduced maintenance, utilizing HNCR bearing technology.

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Other relubrication-free technologies

Here are some options that simultaneously provide food and operator safety, cost reductions, potential increase in OEE and environmental benefits.