SKF Solid oil bearing lubrication technology food and beverage

Solid Oil provides prolonged lubrication to the bearing

Solid Oil bearing lubrication technology

What if there was a way to avoid the typical issues while making sure the bearings used in high-humidity and contaminating applications are optimally suited to perform under such environmental conditions?

Featuring oil-saturated polymer matrix, SKF bearings with Solid Oil technology are relubrication-free and designed to withstand the negative effects brought on by high humidity levels or breathing in the bearings caused by rapid temperature shifts (for example in freezer applications). The Solid Oil matrix contains two to four times more oil than in conventional greased bearings, completely filling the internal space in the bearing, making relubrication unnecessary. Available as NSF H1 food approved variant.

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See how a bakery achieved 10 years with no unplanned downtime in bread proover, using SKF deep groove ball bearings with Solid Oil

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SKF DGBB solid oil and deep groove bearings in bakery

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